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Prepare Your Business for The Next Generation of Workers

As an entrepreneur, in your startup, you would need to hire great people. However, in recent years, workplaces have been flooded with a new generation of workers. "Lazy", "high maintenance", "easily distracted" have become popular stereotypes attributed to these new young workers by their employers (and senior colleagues). However, as these millennials begin to become the inevitable majority in the workplace, it is imperative that this attitude towards them changes, and that employers make a concerted effort to understand them; to continuously adapt in order to unleash the true potential of the next-gen workers.

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How Jonathan Michael launched JM School of Tailoring Design at 24

Jonathan Michael launched JM School of Tailoring Design at 24 through participating in the Business Development Center’s entrepreneurial training program

Jonathan Michael started JM School of Tailoring Design. The school teaches students Western, Indian and Bridal tailoring designs through diploma courses. Affiliated with the Italian tailoring school, LC Scuola Di Moda Sartoriale, it offers students a unique experience in Italian design as well. Over 100 students, from ages 23-50, have been trained giving Bengaluru new labels and boutiques to meet their fashion needs.

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Grow Your Startup By Growing Leaders

What is your job as an entrepreneur in your startup? There are countless demands on your time and energy as you grow your company, from paying suppliers, to collecting from customers, your time is strapped! But, of all the important things that you need to be doing, what is the most important? How do you know what your priority is?

What if I told you your priority as a leader and entrepreneur is the success of all those you lead? What if I told you the thing that should occupy most of your mental energy, should be the central focus of your role description as a leader, is the process and progress of building everyone else in your organization?

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