A: Training and supporting entrepreneurs to start and grow successful businesses.


  1. The program combines world-class entrepreneurial training with a comprehensive package of services to support and advise you as you start and grow your business.
  2. The training uses state-of-the art Action and Field-based learning principles so that you are trained to do business, not just know about it.
  3. You will be connected to a global network of business experts who will provide consulting, encouragement and contacts. Several of those experts will visit the classes to give you hands-on advice.
  4. You will have the support of the local private sector to help you apply the principles you learn from international experts to the local economy. Local experts on legal, financial, accounting, tax, managerial, and operational issues will visit the class to introduce those topics and provide you with contacts for your business.

A: Three types of people:

  1. Recent university graduates who have shown their entrepreneurial initiative through small business projects they did while in college and who want to start businesses,
  2. Young entrepreneurs who are running businesses in the early start-up stage and want to learn how to grow them successfully, and
  3. Established entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses dramatically.

A: Fill out the application form on this website. Those who meet the basic qualifications will be interviewed to determine the final admission decision.

A: See Admission Criteria  page for more detail.

  1. Fluent in English
  2. Able to learn business knowledge and skills
  3. Motivated to start and grow a business
  4. Demonstrated entrepreneurial initiative
  5. High integrity
  6. Willing to learn
  7. Committed to devoting 20 hours per week for four months
  8. Possess the potential to start and grow a successful business.

A: Our goal is to have 20 entrepreneurs/class.

A: No. But, you must show that you have entrepreneurial initiative, such as running a small business while you were going to college.

A: You should be comfortable listening, discussing, reading, and writing business English.

A: Yes. We expect most people will be working. You must prioritize your time so that you can devote 20 hours a week to the program for 14 weeks.

A: 5 January, 2019

A: 14 weeks.

A: You will be pressed to take responsibility for your learning, to make frequent presentations, to critique those of your fellow entrepreneurs and defend your own, and to practice what you are learning with field-based projects.

A: Saturday, 9:00am- 4:00pm with an hour long lunch break.

A: To be successful, you must spend 20 hours per week, much of it outside of the classroom.

A: ₹40,000+ applicable service tax.

A: We have trained facilitators who will guide you through the program, all with international entrepreneurial experience and knowledge.

A: Regent University in partnership with Versys Consultants.

A: You will have the knowledge and skills to start and grow a business.

A: You will receive a certificate from the Regent University Center for Entrepreneurship, indicating that you have successfully completed this professional training course. (Currently, no academic credit is awarded for this work.)

A: Do not expect to receive financing from the BDC. In rare cases this may occur; however, the program will teach you innovative ways to finance a small business start up yourself. As you demonstrate success with your business, the BDC will introduce you to appropriate sources of capital.

A: You will receive continued mentoring, consulting, and a network of business connections to help your business succeed. This includes introducing you to strategic partners, people who can help you import/export, and people who can help you acquire supplies and find customers.