Starting A Business In India

Starting a business in a foreign city can feel like jumping out of an airplane without an instruction manual for your parachute. We understand! We’ve been there!
Four years ago, we landed in Bangalore and started Versys, a company committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed.
Therefore, we want to help you and your business land successfully. This two-week BDC Expat Intensive program will equip and train you to deal with the challenges of setting up a business in India and help you succeed in business in India.

Entrepreneurship demands confidence, which comes with understanding your new environment. Our program seeks to establish the entrepreneur with a self-directed, action learning environment. We will accentuate your business skills with our mini-MBA curriculum and facilitate the holistic growth necessary to meet the challenges of today’s business climate.
Our comprehensive course is designed to help you think, understand, and plan every aspect of successfully starting a business in India.
We help you navigate through issues such as finance, marketing, operations, capital, Indian Tax Law, and foreign residence particularities.
After this two-week BDC Expat Intensive, we can further provide you with just-in-time training, increasingly sophisticated preparation to meet the increasing complexity of growing A business. We facilitate lifelong learning, enabling your business to succeed.