How Venilla Hutchins Turned Her Love of Baking into a Vibrant Café

How Venilla Hutchins turned her love of baking into the vibrant café The Daily Bean through participating in the Business Development Center’s entrepreneurial training program

Venilla Hutchins and her two brothers started the café The Daily Bean in December 2017. The café offers handmade sandwiches, breakfast items, drinks, and most notably desserts in a unique vintage industrial interior. It is quickly becoming a popular hangout spot in Kothanur! Proceeds from the sales of the café benefit the local children’s home where these three siblings were raised.

Venilla Hutchins is a young lady with a unique story and a heartfelt desire to give back to the community which has blessed her.  Having been raised in a loving children’s home in Bangalore, Venilla and two of her forty-five siblings at the home spent their time in college dreaming of ways that they could bless others with their talents.  Before long, they had come up with a plan to combine Venilla’s love of baking with Sridhar and Anbalagan’s business skills, to sell and deliver baked goods in their community.  Eventually, they contemplated actually opening a small café of their own, at which point Venilla and her brother Anbalagan enrolled in the BDC Entrepreneurship course in order to get more practical experience in finance and marketing than they had received in their business degrees. Venilla highly recommends the BDC to anyone who already has a great business idea in mind, but wants advice and practical help to make that dream into a reality.

On 13 December 2017, The Daily Bean ( officially opened its doors at Kothanur Junction.  The café is unique in its interior decor featuring a vintage industrial look with a steampunk edge.  From the tables to the lights, the furnishings are custom made from scratch. A gramophone and an old vintage telephone grace the interior, adding an antique flavor.  Menu offerings are made from scratch from the finest ingredient procured from local sources, including desserts, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, waffles, breakfast items, and drinks. In its first two months, the Daily Bean has done amazingly well, employing 10 staff members in two shifts, and serving up to 70 customers a day.  Venilla’s only complaint is that the café is too small, and is often fully packed!  There are already plans for securing a larger space, as well as opening another 4 or 5 outlets around the city in the coming years!  Home deliveries is another service they hope to provide in the near future.

The impact of the Daily Bean extends far beyond serving customers quality food items.  Some of the proceeds of the sales go to support the children’s home, helping to fund the education of the trio’s younger siblings.  The café is also able to provide employment to some of these young people as well.  To create a positive working environment, the management spends on-on-one time with each employee, developing personal connections with them.  Please do visit the café and support Venilla and her brothers as they seek to keep up with this growing business venture, as well as to be a blessing to their community!